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Wind deflectors of front car windshield
Wind deflectors
Wind deflector for side car. Wind deflector for side truck. Wind deflectors for front car windshield. Wind deflectors for rear car windshield. Sunruff wind deflector.
Winter covers
Winter covers
Winter covers mounted on the grill in winter. They significantly decrease the time needed for the engine to heat up, which lowers engine wear.
Decorative strips
Decorative strips
Decorative horizontal trunk lid strips are mainly used to achieve better vehicle visibility on the road.
Wind deflectors for front windshield
Wind deflectors for front windshield
The task of a windscreen wind deflector is to deflect flow of air in such a way that all contamination is carried over the roof of the vehicle.
Sliding roof wind deflector
Sliding roof wind deflector
By installing a sliding roof, we acquire the possibility of natural air circulation inside the vehicle.


The plastics factory „HEKO” was set up in July 1990 in Czermno, a small place located in the Swietokrzyskie Province. It is a family company with a capital of 100% polish pl flag.

The company’s operations are mainly concerned with manufacture and distribution of various automotive wind deflectors. Ambition and dedication of the owners of the factory and its staff are the main reasons behind the fast and dynamic growth of the company.

Year by year, the company assigns more and more funds for investments and expansion of production and technical facilities (currently, expansion works of plant no. 1 in Czermno and plant no. 2 in Oświęcim are being conducted) which allowed a wider assortment of goods offered by HEKO. At the moment, the offer of HEKO includes over 3300 items of various types of wind deflectors produced for 149 brands of passenger cars, trucks, buses, and special purpose vehicles. About 90% of our products is exported, mainly to Western European countries, China, and the USA. That may serve as the best proof that our products are modern and of high quality. The size of export of goods produced by HEKO was recognized in 2015 by the editorial team of "Rzeczpospolita" which awarded HEKO with the title of "Orzeł Eksportu w Województwie Świętokrzyskim" (The Eagle of Export in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) in the Most Dynamic Exporter category.

For several years, the company HEKO has been receiving the prestigious distinction of the Certificate of Business Credibility granted by Dun & Bradstreet Poland. That distinction confirms the high liquidity and financial stability and may serve as a proof that we are a reliable business partner. The distinction awarded by Dun & Bradstreet Poland is honored all over the world, which is perfectly in line with the nature of HEKO business activities.

In its production, HEKO applies unique world-class solutions that have been secured at the patent office. That allows HEKO produce wind deflectors for every, even the most unusual order.

Investment activities performed by HEKO, as well as the care to stay up to date with consumers' demands helped HEKO become the leader in markets worldwide (currently, our products reach the most distant parts of the world, so that HEKO wind deflectors may be found all over the world)

At the moment, the company cooperates with many important domestic and foreign distributors from all over the world.

HEKO manufactures its products on the basis of the implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015.

We offer our customers:

  • wind deflectors for side windows
  • rear window wind deflectors
  • windscreen wind deflectors
  • decorative strips of rear cover (vertical and horizontal)
  • winter covers for the grill
  • sunroof wind deflectors
  • acrylic glass plates (PMMA)
  • impregnation for paving stones, stone, and concrete (ExtraBruk)
  • resins for preservation and renovation of wood and various types of monuments (Hekol L-50, Hekol I-50)
  • PMMA granulates
  • acrylic glass glues (PMMA)
  • methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA)
Work time:
mon. - fri. 07:00 – 18:00
mon. - fri. 08:00 – 17:00
mon. - fri. 08:00 – 16:00