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The wide range manufactured by HEKO paints and sponges are also of high quality synthetic resins suitable for professional use, which due to its affordability can be used in domestic work. HEKOL I-50, L-50, because the carry trade name recommended by HEKO products are most widely used in restoration work, mostly made of wood. These products are ideal for the consolidation of the wood that is strengthening its structure, regardless of the cause of the failure (time, weather conditions, insects, microorganisms). Hekol`e are also used for the reconstruction of wood fragments by mixing them with wood flour and restorations. Hekoli advantage is that these resins are in liquid form which greatly simplifies and reduces the operating time (the resins in the granules require time-consuming process of dissolution).Hekol I-50, L-50 adequately prepared for the impregnation of conservation will be very well penetrate the wood without causing the polishing, de-inking or buckling or swelling. The effect of impregnation can persist for many years, while maintaining the natural values ​​of the impregnated material.

      Hekol I-50, L-50 by appropriate degree of dissolution can be used as a universal wood lacquers which are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Varnish will be well inculcated and exhibited the natural color of the wood and give long-term protection against adverse weather conditions.

All thismakesthatthey arerecommendedby professionalconservators (references click here).

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  • L-50N
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Hekol I-50, L-50 is also recommended for concrete surfaces.The product strengthens and hardens concrete, prevents it from crushing, sypaniu is proven by the high strength.Successfully it used as an insulator surface of the concrete and as a base to carry out the leveling compound.All this makes HEKOL I-50 and L-50 are recommended of Professional conservators (if you want to see references, click here.)Please note that these products have a high dry matter content, which means that before use should be dissolved in a solvent (eg. Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanol. Depending on the application of the finished product should have a dry matter content of several to several tens of percent (resin has 50%). Safety Data Sheets for HEKOL I-50 and HEKOL L-50.


L 50N
synthetic resin wood

I 50N

impregnating varnish for wood

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