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extrabruk1Impregnation for paving stones and concrete HEKOL® ExtraBruk

  • single-layer product;
  • "wet stone" effect;
  • colorless product;
  • enhances the color of paving stones;
  • perfectly secures against water, oils, rubber from car tires;
  • makes it easier to get rid of oil stains; 
  • prevents moss and lichen from growing;
  • increases resistance of paving stones to frost and water;
  • increases resistance to abrasion.

HEKOL® Extextrabrukzjpg 1raBruk is a chemical preparation consisting of a solution of acrylic polymers in organic solvents. It improves aesthetics, highlights the color of paving stones, and increases their resistance to all sorts of weather conditions. It is used for impregnation of surfaces made of paving stones and concrete around houses, places of public services (parking lots near stores and at gas stations), pedestrian passages, access roads, etc. Impregnation soaks deeply into the surface, making it waterproof (paving stones are protected against soaking of water). It makes removing oil stains (after cleaning, there are no oil marks left on paving stones) and dirt easier; it prevents moss, lichen, and weeds from growing; it prevents sand from being washed out of gaps, and increases resistance to abrasion and frost. HEKOL® ExtraBruk is very efficient in securing concrete fences. The preparation features excellent hydrophobic properties, protecting concrete against harmful influence of moisture and water. The preparation improves mechanical properties of painted concrete surface by about 20%, thanks to which the spans of concrete fences are more stable, as well as about 20% less vulnerable to damage and cracks. Due to its adhesive properties, it is also a very good basis to prepare concrete joint compound. Material safety data sheet HERE

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